Yvonne Boudreaux is a production designer for film, television, dance, and theater.  She has served as art director on AMC's The Son and NBC’s Revolution.  She has production designed for Nia Dacosta's Little Woods, Bob Byington’s Harmony & Me, Mike Dolan's Dance With The One, and Kat Candler's Black Metal (short) which was well received at South by Southwest film festivals.  In addition, Yvonne was the set designer on Laika's ParaNorman, John Ridley's American Crime and Robert Rodriguez’s Machete. 

Yvonne started her career in architecture and combined her dance background with her architectural skills by designing movement installations for dancers to suspend and defy gravity using a physical structure.  Her architecture allowed dancers to engage with a wrapped cage, suspend a ballet sideways, and fly under a bridge, which were all part of The Cohen New Works Festivals in Austin, Texas.  This adventure led her to designing sets for theater and melting her to two worlds of dance and live action theater into film.  The combination of architectural scaling, film production, theatrical design and choreography brought her to the world of production design.

Yvonne has earned her Master's in Theatrical Design with a concentration in Set Design from the University of Texas at Austin where she taught set design to undergraduates and production design for the University of Texas Film Institute.  She received her Bachelor's of Architecture from Louisiana State University and has taught architecture at University of Louisiana in Lafayette.   Additionally, Yvonne has produced a documentary, 61 Bullets, about her deep-rooted cajun family’s association with the 1935 shooting of Louisiana Senator and Governor Huey P Long.